Management speak

From the Chairman’s Desk

The delicate character of children has to be moulded when they are very young. The values, attitudes, mannerisms imbibed at a young age, stay with them throughout their life. Good values and principles combined with good education, make worthy human beings. But children should be taught in a congenial and friendly atmosphere. Children are the precious gems who might lose their lustre with improper handling. Todays children are tomorrow’s citizens and deserve respect and appropriate opportunities to bloom into happy, responsible and respectful citizens. Their talent must be brought out and polished..

This is what Rukmani Devi Jaipuria Public School strives for- to make physically and mentally healthy, happy and highly talented citizens, imbibed with good values and principles, with respect for the elders, love for their country and tradition and tolerance for the ignorant.

Shri M.P.Jaipuria

From the Principal's Desk

The institution sprouted as a result of munificent spirit of dedication to the cause of Public Welfare of its sponsors, Shri Chunni Lal Jaipuria and Shri Mahavir Prasad Jaipuria, the illustrious sons of the philanthropist couple Late Smt. Rukmani Devi Jaipuria and Late Seth Beni Prasad Jaipuria.

The institution imparts quality Education through English Medium with equal emphasis on Hindi. We are forging ahead from strength to strength, scaling new peaks, setting new goals and raising the bar a little with each passing year, for we do not believe in resting on our laurels but moving relentlessly forward and leaving behind a trail of blazing achievements. It is our sincere endeavour to make education wholesome by including in its pursuit, the 3 Hs-Head, Hand, and Heart so that our students are not only equipped and inclined towards achieving personal success but also towards the formation of a healthy and safe society conducive to growth, development and peace..

I express my gratitude for the constant support of the parents and the trust they have reposed in us and I continue to seek their co-operation in accomplishing all that we have set out to do. I wish you all a very successful and enriching year ahead.

S. K. Saxena