The School Awards

The school honours its pupils in the following fields :-
  • 1. Academic excellence
  • 2. Excellence in Sports.
  • 3. Co-curricular Activities
  • 4. Full Attendance.
  • 5. Best All-rounder.
  • 6. Best House for over all performance in Sports,Academic & Cultural Activities.

Glimpses of School Activities Celebrations

Four day CBSE Chess Tournament hosted by Rukmani Devi Jaipuria Public School.It was a huge buzz of activity and some brilliant moves were witnessed on the chess boards. With over 100 schools participating the decisions for the observers and judges were close and very interesting. The games were played under 8 different categories and it was commendable to see the young minds applying their best moves. They were full of enthusiasm and could be seen practicing their moves even during the breaks.

The closing day witnessed a beautiful Rajasthani Dance performed by the students of Rukmani Devi Jaipuria Public School and a wonderful rendition of patriotic songs. The CBSE observer, Mr. S. K. Tiwari applauded the efforts of the host school in bringing together such a huge event. This was also commended by Chief Arbiter, Mr. Sandeep Chitkara.

The winners were handed over medals and certificates by Manager, Mr. Rohit Chopra, Principal, Mr. S. K. Saxena and Mr. S.K. Tiwari, CBSE Observer for Chess and Mr. Sandeep Chitkara, the Chief Arbiter.

Forth coming event

The Annual Function of the three schools run under the umbrella of the Seth Beni Prasad Jaipuria Trust will be celebrated on the 10th of December this year. This glittering function will be graced by Chairman of the Trust Mr. M P Jaipuria and members of the Management Committee.